Life and Mindset Coaching


I am a certified life Coach under the International Coach Academy.

Coaching is the activity of helping someone clarify their thinking, find their goals, and support their learning journey towards those goals.  I create space for reflection, encourage and help people take small steps that help them reach big goals.

I would not say I like to use labels in front, such as “Business”, “Life”, “Executive”, “Career”, although I understand the usefulness in clarifying the context.

Humans are complex psychosocial entities, and limiting coaching discussions to a specific context before even starting the discussion limits potential gains.  I consciously came to Coaching, finding the right field to combine and utilize my academic knowledge, professional, but also personal experiences and skills. My goal is to support, help those who work with me to solve problems, achieve their dreams and goals, and encourage them to get where they are aiming.

I have at my disposal a variety of techniques and tools such as the Systemic Approach, Positive Psychology, Neuroscience, Breathing Techniques, CBT, and Mindfulness etc.

Whether you’re thinking of making changes  personal or professional., this course will help you navigate different life stages through the following:

      • Understanding the power of your subconscious mind, by raising your self-awareness and identifying limiting beliefs.
      • Elevating and changing your perspective.
      • Practicing self-love, empathy, and acceptance.
      • Mastering the art of Problem Solving.
      • Visualizing your future self, setting goals and learning how to walk towards the best version of you.

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