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Balancing in a new environment

MindWise provides expat counseling & coaching services to support expats feeling uncomfortable adjusting to a new environment. Expat counselling helps adjustment to or preparation for a life abroad, new social circles, new work, new school and new languages. An expat may experience culture shock while adapting to new sights and sounds. In the business of setting up a new home, there might be signs that adjustment isn’t going so well.

Recognize Expat Signs and Symptoms

      1. Extreme homesickness
      2. Experience new and intense feelings of loyalty to your own culture
      3. Withdrawal from people who are different from you
      4. Loss of appetite or compulsive eating
      5. A need for excessive amount of sleep
      6. Feeling sick most of the time
      7. Anger or disappointment over small inconveniences
      8. Marital stress

How I Can Help

In my therapeutic approach, I focus on cross-cultural differences. As I am an expat myself, I have gone through this journey several times as a single woman and with my family.

I have a well built experience of living in another country and dealing with individuals from a variety of ethnic, cultural and religious backgrounds. At the same time, working with diversity for me is a celebration of what we have in common as humans while honoring our differences.

As a counsellor, I look for what makes us unique, while being aware of the influences that we all are under, working cross-culturally for me means being a curious and humble counsellor. I can help with the following:

      • Individual Counselling
      • Couple Counselling
      • Family Counselling
      • Depression and anxiety
      • Life transitions

Finding time to consult an expat counsellor will assist adjustment for those who want to feel confident and balanced even in a challenging, new environment.

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