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Mental wellbeing is an aspect of life that is often disregarded at schools, especially among staff. Early years staff play a major role in providing a safe and stimulating environment for children to learn, improve and grow. Promoting wellbeing among schools staff will positively affect children, increase productivity and overall Job satisfaction. At Mindwise, we help your early years staff explore and address wellbeing on their own terms by taking a team-based, co-production approach.

Here are important ways that we can in-still wellbeing in the workplace:

    • Increasing experience with practice by applying various coaching tools in schools
    • Mindfulness techniques
    • Gaining new perspectives

How can I help?

We will focus together on 4 important areas that promote wellbeing at your school: supporting each other as colleagues, supporting management, the physical environment, and outside support. Going in that direction, we will foster a culture that highlights these 4 aspects through the following:

      • Learning the importance of relationships in the workplace and how they impact wellbeing.
      • Building resilience
      • Building awareness and understanding of the emotional rollercoaster present at the workplace
      • Taking control of your mood, practicing reflection and acceptance.
      • Adopt healthy micro-habits that help you positively adapt and adjust to future changes.
      • Understanding the causes of your stress and practicing stress management.

As capable and strong as we are, with a bit of help we can reach our best self, more and more!

I will help you take control of your own mind and life by using a wide array of personalized techniques that will help you foster a deep self-awareness and understanding, lay down a foundation of powerful beliefs, and ultimately make life choices that will serve your purpose

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